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Tamara’s Testimonials

“I am a very satisfied client who, in spite of himself continues to strain, sprain & damage his aging soft tissues.

I have used Tamara for back & neck injury rehab massage for a number of years. My neck injury dates from 2004, when I had spinal fusion, so I guess I have found Tamara’s massage very beneficial since about 2008. She is the best massage therapist used in NZ and I have tried a few.”
Don, Howick

“I am, and always will be, an active and fit person. Over 20 years ago I injured my right knee playing soccer and I have managed it over the years to enable me to continue to keep fit and play sports. However, 6 months ago I had problems with my knee, which for the first time, didn’t improve with rest or physiotherapy.

After doing some research, I wanted to try massage treatment along with Kinesio taping to see if it would help my knee, so I saw Tamara at Elemental Body Therapies. After my first visit, I was amazed at the results. With the combination of treatments; neuromuscular therapy, dry needling and kinesio taping, I was able to move my knee freely and start exercising again. So I continued with regular treatment and not only was there a rapid improvement in my knee, the improvement was maintained. In addition, the strengthening exercises Tamara recommended have also made my knee stronger. When playing tennis, there is no longer an ache in the knee from any change in direction or movement and the intermittent pain during running eventually disappeared.

Over the years I have also had problems with my back. If I twist it awkwardly I am unable to move freely without pain and need to rest for a few days. So in addition to treating my knee, Tamara would also treat my back with neuromuscular therapy and dry needling. Again the results were instant and impressive. With a combination of regular treatment from Tamara and 3-4 visits a year to my osteopath, whom Tamara recommended, my back feels so much better and I have had no re-occurrence of days where I am unable to move without pain.

For me, the benefits of the treatments have been immense. It has not only restored mobility to injured muscle tissues but prevents further injuries, enhances recovery and is also beneficial to my well-being. Being able to play sports and exercise is such an important part of my life and Tamara’s ‘healing hands’ have been instrumental in enabling me to continue. With monthly treatments from Tamara, I know it will extend my sporting life.

Tamara always tailors each treatment depending on my needs and is excellent in explaining what she is doing and why. She always provides a friendly and professional service with her continued development of knowledge and treatments. I have recommended Tamara to family and friends and will continue to do so.

Tamara, you have been absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for all you have been able to do for me and for your continued care.”
Maria Jekel, Auckland

“My association with Tatia and her team started almost 10 years ago and I have been a loyal client ever since. I have always found them to be exceptionally professional and dedicated to their craft and I couldn’t recommend Elemental Body Therapies highly enough. In recent years Tamara has become my regular therapist as her neuromuscular massage and expertise in dealing with bad posture have made a tremendous difference. She was the first person to recognise that I had one leg shorter than the other and this immediately helped to explain a number my aches and pains. Occasionally life gets in the way and I don’t manage to get to EBT as regularly as I would like to, but I would never consider going anywhere else.”
Sonet Venter, Auckland