The massage is performed by a qualified therapist with you lying on your side supported by pillows so you are  comfortable throughout the treatment. It is available during all stages of pregnancy and a full consultation is taken at your first appointment – we’ll continue to check at subsequent treatments to make sure that there are no potential contraindications, but if you have any specific symptoms during your pregnancy that you are concerned about, you should speak with your doctor or midwife prior to the treatment.

After having a baby, massage can help reduce the stress of the early months with a new born baby. It can reduce the tension in the upper body caused by feeding and holding the baby for long periods of time. It is very important to take care of yourself as well as the new bundle of joy in your life – massage allows valuable time out away from the demands of home and family. 

Pregnancy Massage

30 minutes


This is a good amount of time for specific areas of tension like neck and shoulders or lower back aches.

45 minutes


The extra 15 minutes over the 30-minute session allows for more relaxation and a little more focus on areas of tension.

60 minutes


The most popular time slot and good for larger areas like the upper half of the body or lower half of the body. Neck and Shoulder pain often involves the lower back as well and so it is recommended to have an hour to thoroughly address the whole back.

90 minutes


This allows enough time to address the whole body or thoroughly address larger areas of the body and get relaxation as well. This can be important in the body’s process to integrate new muscle memory.